Nutrient Replenishing Juices & Smoothies

Vitamin C & Iron Nourishing Antioxidant Juice

Juice is a beneficial way to help a damaged body gain nutrients. This recipe is designed to taste good, while replenishing a nutrient deficient body. 

Heart Healthy Vegan Cashew Milk

I love milk. Or I did, until I realized I was allregic. Then realized how bad it is for the body. Luckily, the outcome of that was a heart healthy cashew milk. Good to add to recipes cooking, as well as a tasty treat to some cookies or sweets!

Inflammation Promoting Pineapple Ginger Smoothie

Variety, taste, nutrition. That's the goal. Smoothies add a healthy dose of all three. Here we fight inflammation and embrace the yummy taste.

Hydrating Immune Boosting Teas

Stomach Calming Immunity Ginger Tea

With an auto-immune disorder that is commonly associated with a upset stomach, a soothing ginger tea is just what's needed to calm symptoms and get feeling better.

Anxiety Relieving, Inflammation Fighting Chamomile Tea

Great before bed or in the middle of a stressful day. This tea, packs powerful antioxidants that help relieve inflammation and anxiety. Both common with auto-immune disorders.

Stress Relieving Red Lavender Rooibos Tea

Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bitter unpleasant taste. Creating a variety of teas is a must and rooibos tea offers a nice base flavor with overwhelming added nutritional benefits. 

Healthier Mocktails & Cocktails


Some say mules are a fad of the past. I say never. Especially this finely crafted nutrition balancing cocktail. All ingredients sculpted together to provide the taste we love and nutrition we need.



How did we get rid of the voice in the back of our mind telling us how damaging cocktails are? By crafting it around nutrition and choosing better quality. With adding kombucha to the mix it brings the bubbles back but with its probiotic friends as well. 


There's little that compares to a good margarita. Problem is, there's a lot of bad that goes with a margarita. But, perfecting it isn't as hard as one may think. That's what we've done here.