"Prevent Defense"  Immune Aiding Sweet Potato Fries

Perfect for a delicious pre-game appetizer before that's loaded with immune system defense to prevent harmful inflammation. 

"Pre-Game Warmup" Simply Nutritious Moscow Mule Recipe

Before any game you've gotta make sure you get a good stretch in. Our nutritious Mule gets the blood flowin' for a great day.

"Super Bowl Bound" Raw Vegan Digestion Aiding Chocolate Chip Cookie

All the stars align to create a cookie worth a victory parade. They are raw and packed with a balanced flavor. So good, we are already calling it a dynsaty.

"X's & O's" Good Bacteria Building Huevos Rancheros

We're keeping the same play, but with better players. This recipe has always been delicious and is now even more nutritious. Starting a day of tailgating off right.

"Onside Kick" Blueberry Ginger Kombucha Vodka Cocktail

Just when you weren't looking, the sneaky onside kick cocktail. A delicious blend of blueberry and ginger. Mixed with vodka. We've now have a tasty, healthier drink to enjoy.

"Defensive Blitz" Digestion Regulating Refried Beans

Harmful stomach irritants removed, easy to fix recipe formed and a blitz unleashed to tackle any immune system inhibitors. 

"Excessive Celebration" Quick and Easy Stomach Soothing Tomatillo Salsa

Finding a good salsa is difficult. Finding a healthier one is even more challenging. Well, we created both with our tomatillo salsa and that calls for the excessive celebration victory dance. 

"1st & Goal" Bacteria Boosting Vegan Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich

This sandwich is so healthy and delicious for your team that your on the 2 yard line to good health without even knowing it. But for real, for having the "vegan" label, it's pretty tasty. 

"The Catch" Omega Loaded Salmon Burger w/Sweet Potato Fries

Wanting to mix it up and fight that inflammation? This omega burger meal is prepped for that big play to boost your offense. 

"Flea Flicker" Anti-Inflammatory Pineapple Glaze

Lay it down, toss it back and lay it down again. A sweet glaze for all of your grilled game day recipes. 

"Trick Play" Strawberry Immune Boosting Kombucha Mocktail

Say we want to still enjoy the social aspect associated with cocktails but without the alcohol and keeping a tasty cocktail like beverage?? Well, say hello to the mocktail. Strawberry bubbly kombucha mocktail, that is. 

"Pass Protecting" Immune Assisting Perfect Party Dips Platter

How could we make all these delicious dips and not combine them for a easy party platter? Well, we did. The common choices are now clean and body boosting friendly for any defensive pass rush that comes our way. 

"Game Time Decision" Immune System Supporting Corn Tortilla Chips

We found a minimal ingredient corn tortilla, chopped it up and lightly fried it in a nutritious oil for this super simple versatile recipe.

"MVP" Probiotic, Digestion Boosting Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Sandwich

MVP awards are solo awards and not team awards. In the case of the MVP the unanimous decision goes to the Huevos Rancheros breakfast sandwich. Healthy and sloppily delicious. Perfect for any start to the game day. 

"Lead Blocking" Prebiotic Boosting Guacamole

Every bacteria building body needs a lead blocker and those come from prebiotics. This guac is comprised of the greatest prebiotic blockers in the game. 

"Special Teams" Digestion Returning Dip w/Plantain Chips

It's getting to that point in the game where something is needed to turn the tide. Luckily our special teams is top notch with this dip and chips recipe.

"Victory Formation" Simple Perfect Margarita

When you've got the right ingredients, you very accustomed to the victory formation and this margarita just took another knee. 

"Hail Mary" Crohn’s Friendly, Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie with a Gluten Free Crust

We're throwin' it deep with this one. A delicious,nutritious, vegan, raw, gluten free replacement to the classic pumpkin pie. Yep, and we kept the flavor we all know and love.

"Quick Pass"Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Banana Cookie Sandwich

Man these are good. Too good. So beware of overconsumption here because it's very easy to keep passing these things to your digestion. We took our cookie and combined it with a banana for a great game day snack. 

"Franchise Tag" Digestion Friendly Loaded Nachos

Loaded nachos has always been a inflammation nightmare. We've simply removed the nightmare and centered around maintaining the nachos we want and getting the nutrition we need. Making them franchise tag worthy for our bodies.

"Head Turning" Gluten Free, Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

This breakfast favorite eliminates a key harmful element and has been shaped to promote healthy digestion and powerful antioxidant support.


"Fake Spike"  Nutritious Veggie Skewers with a Antioxidant Rich Pineapple Glaze

It's a simple recipe. There's not much to it and we already know how to do it. But it's the blend of the ingredients that make you think we're spiking it to save some time but throw it deep with a nutrition packed meal. Mixed with our pineapple glaze and you have a game day treat to get you through halftime.