Omega Rich, Tuna Avocado Dip

Any time the omegas, prebiotics and probitoics get together, we're listening. This dip has an addictive delicious flavor and is loaded with nutrients to both heal and build a stronger gut. 

Antibacterial, Fiber Rich Carrot “Won Ton” Fries

The sweet flavor, crispy texture and ease to prepare, oh and the fact that carrots provide all nutrition, makes this quick snack or topper a must whenever possible.

Healthy Fiber, Walnut Ginger Protein Balls

Warning: Over consuming is likely, but not recommended. These simple snacks are perfect for a day out dodging the nutrition traps of the world or to replenish during a hike. 

Digestion Returning Dip w/Gut Regulating Plantain Chips

Well look at this happy couple. They're perfect together. Providing a blend of beneficial nutrients to heal and a mix of flavors that makes the pallet very happy. 

Heart Healthy Beet Chips

The earthy full-bodied flavor is a perfect ying to one of our dips yang. Beets build your immune system and protect your heart. So learn to like it!!

Potassium Replenishing Plantain Chips

I never even heard of a plantain up until a couple years ago. Now it's become a staple because of their great flavor and versatility. The chips are no exception. A perfect snack for your next party. 

Vitamin Loaded Garlic & Chive Sweet Potato Fries

I love fries. I do. Sadly, most of the fries we get are with low quality ingredients. The good thing is, high quality ingredients are just as easy and taste just as good. Who would've thought?

Immune System Friendly Loaded Nachos

Loaded nachos has always been a inflammation nightmare. We've simply removed the nightmare and centered around maintaining the nachos we want and getting the nutrition we need. And mixing in a few tasty nutritious subs.

Immune Assisting Perfect Party Dips and Chips Platter

You'll look like a pro at your next tailgate or social gathering and nobody will know how easy it was. Just how great it tasted!

Inflammation Reducing Raw Salmon Carpaccio

Pound it out, lay it down, top it and enjoy this delightfully tasty app. Or even pair it with our flat bread and make a meal. I don't know, let's not go too crazy here. 

Healthy Digestion Promoting Chickpea Flatbread

The great thing about this flatbread is that you can adjust it to your liking. Sweet, sour, spicy, doesn't matter. Still delicious and a healthy digestion bulldozer for your gut.


Fermented pickles not only offer a zangy and tasty crunch, they also provide beneficial bacteria to the immune system. This bacteria fights invaders and builds a stronger body to absorb beneficial nutrients and heal disease. Plus, it's a super easy process. The toughest part is waiting for the fermentation process to do it's thing.