Inflammation Healing Sweet Potato Casserole

WELCOME TO THE HOLIDAYS Inflammation Healing Sweet Potato Casserole

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Is it a yam or a sweet potato? An always debated thing. Regardless, sweet potatoes are a great source of important nutrients to calming inflammation. All while boosting the immune system and promoting healthier digestion.

During the holidays the dishes are traditionally heavier on the digestive system and it's no different for this classic casserole. That is, until now. This simple recipe eliminates processed substances and dairy products. Then, replaces them with gut friendly ingredients to make it a deliciously easy vegan and gluten free treat for the holidays. Ultimately, following an anti-inflammation lifestyle and building a stronger you.

Why Is Avoiding and Healing Inflammation Vital?

WebMD’s definition of inflammation states, “A process by which the body's white blood cells and substances they produce protect us from infection with foreign organisms, such as bacteria and viruses.”


With auto immune disorders, inflammation occurs in a similar but different form. The immune system believes it’s under attack (when oftentimes it’s not) and triggers an “immune response”. Meaning, at this time the immune system actually starts to attack itself by calling for reinforcements to protect the vital areas in the body and ultimately causing serious and detrimental inflammation. This, is where ailments and diseases like; lupus, Type 1 Diabetes, Crohn’s disease and many other autoimmune disorders, are developed. The most common factor with these types of inflammation are caused by foods and the substances they contain. That’s why it’s even more important to consume healthier versions of our favorite dishes, like this holiday casserole.

How Does This Dish Heal Inflammation and What Nutrition Is Gained?

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Sweet potatoes are loaded in vitamin A. Which works to sooth an irritated digestive tract, promote healthy cell growth and boost the immune system by reducing damage from free radicals.

Secondly, sweet potatoes contain Vitamin C. The already a well known immune system booster that repairs the body’s tissue and promotes healthier absorption. Vitamin C follows a similar path to Vitamin A by healing the immune system, reducing free radical damage and assisting with calming from an inflamed state.

Sweet potatoes also contain a healthy dose of manganese. A nutrient that helps build stronger bones. A common issue for a nutrient deficient body that’s full of inflammation, and if you have an autoimmune disorder, your body is being severely deprived of these nutrients because of the constant system flushing it goes through.


The crust from this tasty side offers a healthy mix of digestible fiber and stomach soothing ingredients with it’s integration of nuts, ginger and cinnamon. By soaking the nuts all harmful lectins have been removed. Lectins are a self defense poison that irritates the lining in our digestive tract and contributes to a leaky gut. You can find more about what foods contain lectins, their harmful effects and how to remove them here, Eliminating Lectins. The variety of nutrients these ingredients contain offer a blend of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients like vitamin E, K and B6. As well as phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron, selenium and many more. All of which reduce inflammation, heal inflammation and are important for building a stronger body to fight inflammation. While promoting healthier digestion.

What Was Avoided:

Processed sugar and butter. In the episodes "Sugar" and "Butter" from My Simple Changes The Show the harmful effects of these substances are examined and the better alternatives are given. Processed sugar and butter force a negative immune response in the body and ultimately wear down good bacteria and the immune system.

This recipe also avoids common ingredients like milk and flour. Two classic staples. Milk, especially for those with stomach issues, not only contains harmful inorganic substances from what all it was exposed from before it reached your stomach, but the natural occurring substances are highly linked to breast and other major forms of cancers.

Finally flour, a highly processed ingredient. Even in the healthiest forms, it still irritates the gut because of the substances it contains, like gluten or yeast. Over the past several decades our food quality has lessened due to practices that both replaced natural ingredients with engineered ones and altered the natural process of food growth. The effects these substances have on our bodies coincide with the fact that 50 million American’s suffer from autoimmune disorders and we have a third less bacteria in our bodies then undeveloped countries. Luckily, we now know this and are adjusting. Like this delicious sweet potato casserole. A perfect fit for healing and a healthier treat for the holidays. Enjoy!

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