With the My Simple Changes process to healing the immune system, inflammation and autoimmune diseases like Crohns, IBS and more, probiotics from fermented foods are a must. As much, and as often as possible, is the goal. Sauerkraut in a breakfast sandwich, kombucha in mocktails and other fermented foods like the ones provided in the "Simple Fridge" Pickles episode from My Simple Changes The Show.

Fermented foods used to be the normal way for preserving foods for the winter months. Fresh organic summer vegetables jarred or canned and stored. Over time and as food has become more and more easily accessible, the practices have now been replaced with more convenient time saving choices. Refrigeration, artificial foods/flavors/coloring engineering, technology advancements. Convenience over commitment.


With this and the evolution of our practices and food we have depleted the amount of bacteria in our bodies. Which is why Americans have ⅓ less bacteria then undeveloped nations. As a result, exposing the body to harmful invaders (bacteria) and a weaker body to break down and digest foods. From there, the immune system either weakens to the point where it begins to attack itself (autoimmune), which causes severe inflammation, or is exposed for bad bacteria to live, thrive and grow into detrimental diseases.

Therefore, we not only went away from needing to ferment foods in order to survive and evolving our practices to deplete bacteria, we also went away from the nutrition and powerful probiotics the diet and method provided. Double trouble.

With this process of healing the gut by building back good bacteria in the body, through eating an inflammation healing diet, while incorporating the right amounts of probiotics, we are building a stronger immune system to fight off and kill already attacking invaders and allowing the areas to heal by incorporating inflammation healing foods. Avoiding and adding. Double success.


Fermented Pickles.jpg

All plants have bacteria that naturally occurs on them. The brine combines with the bacteria and through the right conditions the process creates acid and releases gas. This then grows and multiplies into the gut beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus (lactic acid bacteria). It is this bacteria that aids in gut health.. By keeping the container in a cool place out of sunlight for at least a week, allows for this reaction to occur and the beneficial bacteria to grow. Then, as said above, when consumed the beneficial bacteria works to heal and kill attacking substances in the body.

Making this a major role with the My Simple Changes method to healing inflammation, the immune system and autoimmune diseases like IBS, Crohn’s and so on. Plus, they are crunchy, delicious and can be built into many of the other recipes in this plan. You can find more inflammation healing recipes here (My Simple Changes Menu). Enjoy!

Fermented Pickles Recipe