My Personal Disclaimer

All the recipes, episodes, tips & tricks and information given to you by "My Simple Changes" are suggestions based on the trial and error of my journey through figuring out what works for me with healing my Crohn's disease. I know where I've been and how I feel now. The comparison is no comparison. There's always room for improvement and luckily that's what we have an obsession with.

Through this process it's been repeated trial and error for decades. Therefore, these recommendations are based on the expertise of how I've done it and how I will continue to evolve with it. Our food has changed over the years, and unfortunately not for the good. It's become more processed and our bodies have less bacteria than generations of the past. 

What I can recommend for you above all else, is getting blood work done to find out everything you are allergic to and eliminating it immediately. No two bodies are the same. We are all at different levels of the process, have been effected in different ways over the course of our lifetime and are allergic to different things. I, unfortunately, was damaged since birth. Where you could have developed much later. 

The lucky thing with where we are today is that we are waking up. We are realizing that the "western diet" has been very damaging to our stomach's microbiome and has depleted our overall bacteria over the evolution of generations. So, despite the fact that we are all at different strengths of being broken down by our diet and lifestyle, the one common element is; we are weaker and continue to become more susceptible to disease and ailments. 

What I have done is created a lifestyle around getting that back. That always evolves and continues to get stronger as we learn more as a society. That's the one thing I can guarantee you, as science and society expand and evolve, we will expand and grow with our experience and knowledge. Therefore, so will you. 

Foods not only contain harmful substances, that are being added in for unfortunate reasons such as longevity, sustainability, coloring and so on, they also contain harmful substances that are already naturally occurring in the food. Like lectins for example. They were developed as a defense by plants and foods to discourage predators. What they do to our stomachs are cause digestion and inflammation that ultimately wear us down. Scary. But it's a simple change and that's why we're here, to help you navigate and build a healthier, happier version of you. 

So, my promises to you are: the brand will always be evolving, learning and listening. We will never have our opinion influenced by motives other then our well being. You will always come first... well right after me. Which in this instance, is the best thing. Because if I feel good and continue to stay strong, so will you.

We will get better. One simple change at a time.