What is "My Simple Changes"?

Learn about what My Simple Changes covers in our journey to healing INFLAMMATION naturally and maintaining good health.


I've had a lifelong battle with autoimmune disease and discovered the simple changes through diet and lifestyle to alleviate symptoms.

If you have an autoimmune disorder, Crohn's disease or are living through your ailments and wanting change, but it's overwhelming and you don't know where to start, you're in the right spot.




Nut Butters & Avoiding Harmful Additives

Nut butters provide healthy omega fats, vitamin E, dietary fiber, potassium, selenium and so on... BUT the other ingredients? And the way the nut butter was processed? Well, that's another story. A story that doesn't have a happy ending. Inflammation causing agents like gmo's, low quality oils, artificial binders and other added ingredients make this typically highly promoted, "healthy snack", not so snacky. In fact, you're doing much more harm to your body then good.

In this episode, Brandon examines the kinds of nut butters you should be looking for to avoid inflammation. He also analyzes the benefits those options provide and how the healthy dietary fiber  gives your gut a much needed boost for healthier digestion and nutrient absorption. 

Basically, he shows you what to avoid, how it hurts you, what to go for and the benefits this simple change posses. That way, you can still enjoy this classically favorite snack AND finally add the full benefits of these nutrient dense foods. Best of all? You don't give up any taste or what you love.

After you've made the change, check out some of the "My Simple Changes" recipes to find out where you can incorporate this now healthy ingredient!

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Inside the Fridge

Learn more about my simple changes you can make with common items in your fridge, to easily clean it up and move on down the road to a healthier lifestyle.

These recipes are not only designed around healthy nutrition, but they also taste delicious. Simple meals, that don't take much from your day, but give you a balanced nutrition for your body to heal and stay strong. All while keeping the dishes we love.

Articles driven from my experiences, tips and tricks that have helped me heal. 

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These are the food and nutritional steps I've made to make this healing process happen. A checklist as a guide while on our "My Simple Changes" journey to better health. 

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